How do I pay ?

     If you have submitted your question you will receive a reply mail with in 12 hrs. This mail will inform you if an answer has been found or not for your questions. For each question to which answer has been found, you have to pay INR 300/- or USD 8/- only. If you have asked 5 questions of which only 3 has answers you will be asked to pay INR 900/- or USD 24/- only. For questions to which answers were not found you will be guided to reframe them clearly and post again.

     If you reside in India :
           You can pay by Demand Draft (payable at Coimbatore or Tiruppur) or by Postal Money Order favouring "S.VIGNESH" and send it to the address below. Using a courier service or telegraphic money order may save you time in sending the payment and getting the answer at the earliest

     If you reside outside India ::
           You can pay through "Western Union - Money Trasfer System" . This international service is available in 175 countries. To send money simply go to the nearest Western Union Agent and fill out the form " To Send Money". Mark the receiver as "S.VIGNESH" and present your completed form and the money to the agent. Be sure to get a receipt and a Control Number. Inform me at the earliest by email that you have sent your payment. Click the link " WESTERN UNION AGENTS NEAR YOU " to contact for more information.

       Delivery of Answers : The predictions/answers will emailed to you in detailed simple english language. Any further clarifications into the predictions will be encouraged with in the limits of the original question. Please note that only on receipt of the payment the predictions will be emailed. It will be sent 3 times in a row within 3 hours from the time of receipt of payment at   our end. Non receipt of the answers may be reported immediately so that answers can be emailed to you again. On no account there will be any refund. If your payment is not recieved with in 15 days from the date of our intimation mail, the answers will be removed from our system and you have to ask your questions again. Good Luck    !!!


Send to :
Tele: 91-421-425943.