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         Asking a question is very simple in Stellar Horary astrology. Please fill in the columns below,clearly stating a question and don't forget to give a number between 1-249 that flashes in your mind, when you draft the question.

         Remember "Stellar Horary Astrology" is not based on numerology. So while giving a number don't give a number that you have already conceived as lucky or having any significance to your name or date of birth. Charts erected on such numbers don't reflect the problem and fails to give a clear answer.

         If you have more than one question to ask send a separate email to listing your questions and giving a number between 1-249 for each question.

         In case your question is not clear or if I need more clarification then I will mail you back asking for more details. Once I have your information I will then calculate the chart using a computer. But the interpretation has to be done personally which needs a couple of hour's time. As soon as the answer is ready you will be intimated immediately by email.

         I have studied (Diploma in Stellar Astrology) and practiced this art for many years. Until I came to know Stellar Astrology I was a non-believer of astrology. But Stellar Astrology disproved my belief and taught me to help many people. So be assured that I will do my best for you, too. All I ask of you is that your question is clearly framed and that you "sincerely" want an answer. Remember that the chart will answer you honestly, if the question is important to you. If it is not so,   please do not attempt to waste your money and my time. Atlast for all these services you will be surprised to find the costs very nominal. Click "How do I pay" to know what you have to pay and how you can pay.
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