Every one of us at some point of time in life would have wondered what unseen forces influence our success and failures despite all our genuine efforts and hard work. Astrology is one such field of knowledge that has studied and predicted the influence of heavenly bodies in our life, since time immemorial. Around the world various methods are followed in Astrology , but Startell follows a unique method called "Stellar Astrology" to accuratly predict events. Click "What's Special" to know more about "Stellar Astrology" and how it is different from other astrological methods.

A method however good or unique, should help a person when he is in trouble. It is obvious that our every day life is bundled with unexpected problems and unforseen circumstances. To face such a situation and come out successfully Startell is ready to help you. Click "How it is done" to know more.

Startell's professional approach and timely service (response time 12 hrs) has made many new visitors to our center into regular customers. It is no wonder that for any matter that concerns them or before taking any decision regarding their higher studies, job, business, marriage, investment etc.,they make it a point to ask us. There are many testimonials to prove how Startell's advise helped them avoid money loss and mental tension. Asking a question is as simple and confidential as you will ask your dearest friend. Click "Ask a question" to find it yourself.

Almost all sites on astrology offer free predictions on a daily or weekly basis. But we feel that such free predictions makes only the site popular and does more harm than good to those who follow them. To us every person in this world is unique and so is the problem and it's background. There are so many factors to consider before giving a prediction. This should be done with the astrologer's professional discipline and personal involvement. Click "How do I pay" to find how less you pay for a personalised and professional service.

"I was a non-believer of astrology. But Stellar Astrology disproved my belief and taught me to help many people. So be assured that I will do my best for you, too. All I ask of you is that your question is clearly framed and that you "sincerely" want an answer. Remember that the chart will answer you honestly, if the question is important to you. If it is not so, please do not attempt to waste your money and my time. If you are not satisfied with what is offered here, feel free to mail your specific needs to and I will be happy to tell you how my services can be of use to you in better ways. Good luck !!!"
- Startell Vignesh.